February 2012

Asian-American phenom takes NBA by storm. But was prejudice keeping him on the bench?

Friday night I watched the New York Knicks play the Los Angeles Lakers, but it might as well have been a game between two players: Jeremy Lin and Kobe Bryant. Fans of Lin, who has only been starting for the Knicks FOR ONE WEEK held up signs lauding him as the "Yellow Mamba,"  an obvious play on Kobe's nickname the "Black Mamba."

 I'm pretty sure Lin's nickname is not very P.C., but it's a symbol of how much people love him and are enjoying seeing some unexpected diversity in the NBA.

I can remember no bona fide Asian NBA STAR in my life. Don't say Yao Ming because he was simply tall and productive enough for a center, not a star. He wasn't amazing to watch and he it's not like he had amazing skill. Lin, by contrast, is fluid on the floor, can set-up amazing shots, and can penetrate deftly to go to the basket. People, even Lakers' coach Mike Brown, are calling him a natural.

The Beauty Of Relationships

Dating someone from another race or nationality can truly be a rewarding an enriching experience. Although many people have been raised by their parents to only date and have relationships within their own race, it is also beautiful to date outside of your race or nationality. Regardless of skin color, we are all created the same way, share common interests, and are all united by the fact that we are part of humanity.

Answering Questions About Your Interracial Relationship

Many who are in interracial relationships often have to deal with the questions of those around them. Even if both of your families are supportive of your decisions, you may encounter people in public who will ask you unexpected questions. I have to mention that these questions are unexpected, because relationships that often feel natural to us can typically gain the prying attention of others when we are in public.

Personally, though sometimes it's shocking, I am somewhat used to these questions for two reasons. Initially, I had to become used to these types of questions because my parents were in an interracial relationship; of course, I am the result of that relationship and I am a bi-racial young woman. But likewise, as I grew older and became interested in pursuing relationships with other people, I was also in interracial relationships - and I continue to be happily in an interracial relationship.