January 2012

Why "Red Tails" should not be turned into a Political Event

After George Lucas, director of "Red Tails," theorized last week that his movie on the Tuskeegee Airman was not supported in Hollywood because it lacked white actors, the film has sort of become a vehicle for social protest against whitewashed Hollywood.

Some groups have been calling for an "Occupy Red Tails" movement where people flood the theaters to demonstrate that black movements can sell tickets and wield green power. Tyler Perry, the black director who ranked #1 when it came to Hollywood profit last year, sent out a newsletter to fans, telling them to go see the movie.

This is all too much for a movie that seems poorly made and, quite frankly, boring.

George Lucas bemoans lack of movie funding due to lack of black heroes in film.

Tell us something we don't already know, Lucas!

During a recent appearance on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” movie director George Lucas discussed the pending release of "Red Tails," a movie about the famed Tuskegee Airmen, an all-black group of pilots that fought in World War II for the segregated U.S. Air Force.

Lucas bemoaned that he's been working on the movie for two decades and has never been able to get financial backing in Hollywood because the cast is all black.   Lucas ended up financing the movie himself and couldn’t even convince most studios to help him market it.

“It’s because it’s an all-black movie. There are no major white roles in it at all,” Lucas said.

Viewers will find black female professor a vast Improvement over Sharpton

Professor will anchor show on MSNBC. I'm watching...will you?

After the network was skewered for hiring the Rev. Al Sharpton, a man with accented political bias and no journalism pedigree, to helm the “Politics Nation” weeknight show, MSNBC has turned to another non-reporter to anchor a brand-new two-hour weekend news show.

"The Blind Side"

Blacks need saviors.

I watched Sandra Bullock’s tour de force performance in 2009’s The Blind Side for the first time the other night. The movie engaging, if a bit clichéd, but also reprises the idea of the white savior hidden behind the safety of biography.

If you missed The Blind Side, it tells the story of now twenty-five-year-old Baltimore Orioles player, Michael Oher, as he battles the mean streets of Memphis. With the help of a friend’s father, he is enrolled in a private Christian school because the football coach sees potential in him. The friend’s father eventually kicks Michael out of his house, forcing Michael to live in a Laundromat.