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Viewers will find black female professor a vast Improvement over Sharpton

Professor will anchor show on MSNBC. I'm watching...will you?

After the network was skewered for hiring the Rev. Al Sharpton, a man with accented political bias and no journalism pedigree, to helm the “Politics Nation” weeknight show, MSNBC has turned to another non-reporter to anchor a brand-new two-hour weekend news show.

Melissa Harry-Perry will staff the anchor desk for a yet unnamed program that is tentatively expected to air on both Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings, beginning next month on Feb. 4.  

Harris-Perry, a political analyst and professor who has been a guest on various MSNBC shows over the past year, will prove far more useful than Sharpton at the anchor desk since she actually makes use of her brain and doesn’t wear her affiliations on her sleeve.

Harris-Perry has shown the ability to be reflective and non-biased when discussing political events of the day.  She also has a modern perspective on civil rights and issues in the black community. This will add balance to the slate of black voices on MSNBC, since Sharpton’s perspective is reflective of the old guard who came of age during the 1950s and 1960s.  While the ideas of such relics should be valued in the black experience, it's necessary to make room for contemporary opinions.

About Melissa Harris Perry:

  • She is author of the book “Sister Citizen,” which explores the stereotypes related to black women in America.
  • She founded the Anna Julia Cooper Project on Gender, Race, and Politics.
  • She teaches political science as a professor at Tulane University.
  • She’s a former Princeton University professor.