Trayvon Martin Target Sells Out in Less Than 48 Hours

Trayvon Martin Target Sells Out in Less Than 48 Hours

Yet we live in a post-racist America…

“If Trayvon Martin were white…” I find myself muttering this sentence—sometimes even shouting it at my husband, who can only nod and shrug helplessly—so often these days. The more hate I see directed to this poor murdered boy and his family, the more hopeless I feel about our country. “We have a black president!” people will cry, as if that solves everything. Having a black president means nothing if we are still participating in such ugly, violent, racist acts across the nation.

Some idiot who admitted he was trying to make a buck off this “controversy”—why is the murder of a teenager controversial again? Oh, yes, because he was BLACK—made this revolting target practice cutout of Trayvon Martin. It didn’t show his face, but it was a black hoodie depicted holding an iced tea bottle and a pack of skittles—the two “dangerous weapons” he was holding when George Zimmerman murdered him. This target should have been seen as poor taste by all Americans at the very least, yet it sold out in just two days.

Do me a favor, America: look at the picture I’m posting here and not this faceless target. Look at this seventeen-year-old boy. He was little older than a child; indeed, the law still saw him as one. Not yet old enough to vote or drink; not yet old enough to look back on a long-lived life with his own family, his own career, his own dreams. He was someone’s son. He could have been your son.

Yet the seller of these horrible target practice cutouts—who cowardly continues to remain anonymous—says that the response regarding them has been “overwhelming.” Folks, the only overwhelming response to this kind of sickness should be OUTRAGE or DISGUST—not a joyful purchase of the despicable product itself.

The seller depicts “obvious” support of the murderer, Zimmerman, on the package of the targets, and calls Martin a “thug” that was shot. Again, if Martin were white, would this be happening? I can guarantee you that the answer to that question is no—and if it were, there would be a vast public outcry.

Some laws indicate that this likeness of Trayvon Martin used to sell this product may also be a crime; let’s hope so. Please click here to sign a petition against the target and demand that action be taken against the Hiller Armament Company for selling the targets in the first place. Be sure to let Hiller Armament Company know that you do not support this, either, and they won’t be getting any sales from you.