Answering Questions About Your Interracial Relationship

Answering Questions About Your Interracial Relationship

Many who are in interracial relationships often have to deal with the questions of those around them. Even if both of your families are supportive of your decisions, you may encounter people in public who will ask you unexpected questions. I have to mention that these questions are unexpected, because relationships that often feel natural to us can typically gain the prying attention of others when we are in public.

Personally, though sometimes it's shocking, I am somewhat used to these questions for two reasons. Initially, I had to become used to these types of questions because my parents were in an interracial relationship; of course, I am the result of that relationship and I am a bi-racial young woman. But likewise, as I grew older and became interested in pursuing relationships with other people, I was also in interracial relationships - and I continue to be happily in an interracial relationship.

Within the past few months when I had first mentioned my boyfriend, several people decided to ask me questions such as "Is he the same color as you? Well, why not? Don't you like black men?"  -- initially these responses really irritated me. Couldn't people just learn to be supportive of love? Eventually, I realized I had to really consider the source. Sometimes people don't always mean to be offensive by their questions; sometimes they're just curious. Yet at the same time, when I deal with these types of questions, I almost have to check what decade I'm living in - because interracial relationships were an issue during the civil rights movement and shouldn't be an issue in 2012.

Although no one should have to deal with racial questions because of their relationships, perhaps these questions only occur because our relationships encourage people to truly think outside of the stereotypes they are accustomed to -- which makes the experience a learning experience for them although questions might be controversial for us.

Have you ever experienced any awkward questions about your interracial relationship? Why do you think it occurs and what are your reactions?